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RiverNews for Mac
The News Reader, Reimagined.

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Designed for macOS
With its beautiful native interface, animations and system integration RiverNews takes full advantage of macOS.
Designed for the Open Web
Subscribe to any website with an RSS feed, or choose from some of the trusted sources provided.
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Your River of News
You decide what websites you want to follow, and that dictates the news you see. That's it, that easy.

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Add your own Feeds
In addition to the "Trusted Sources" you can add any RSS-enabled website you like and their articles will appear chronologically in your feed.
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Trusted Sources
RiverNews allows you to easily follow trusted sources in multiple domains: news, tech, culture…

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Save articles for later
You can bookmark any article by clicking in their star, they will be automatically moved to your Bookmarks tab.
We believe RSS is the best way to consume media and support quality journalism, therefore RiverNews is available for everyone for free. If you enjoy using the app and would like to support future development please consider the optional Premium Subscription.
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